EP Review: Sarah Mac – The Everyone Knows EP

Words: Tom Walton

This young singer/songwriter has been a regular fixture on the Sheffield music scene for a couple of years.

From the piano jingle intro of One More Kiss, Mac sets her standards high and the Steel City songstress showcases impressive vocal range while drums and bass ally the keys to create a beautifully meandering opening to her debut EP.

Title track Everyone Knows is the centre piece though, and Mac’s croonery about heartbreak demands silence and attention to her solo piano and vocals as she sings: “He says he didn’t do it and what he says goes you keep going back, ‘cause you’re so defeated you can’t be bothered anymore, there’s no such thing to you as the final straw.”

It’s raw and personal and Mac’s vocals are haunting, though it’s delivered with a voice of defiance – one that’s far from the beaten and brittle demeanour of the song’s subject.

The Everyone Knows EP is riddled with tales from the battleground of romance which is glued together with blues, jazz and pop sensibilities. Pull’s twinkling pianos and instrumental dynamics make for essential easy-listening while Golden Sunshine shows Mac getting back to her most tender: “All he does is take your soul and he takes it all, leaves nothing but memories that you gave us all, tears will fall for you.”

Essential listening.


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