Lawson : an interview with the band as they get ready to launch debut single When She Was Mine

 [click to hear the interview with Lawson, including their love for the Irish accent, their backstage antics with Max George and the funny gift given to them by fellow support act FanFair- Plus the city they are most looking forward too!]

Sitting in the dressing room of Sheffield Arena, preparing to interview Lawson at one of the biggest venues  they’ve performed at. I’m greeted with handshakes, compliments and drinks by the band members- who says chivalry is dead?

The lads are currently supporting The Wanted on their UK tour for the second time and have supported Avril Lavigne, The Saturdays and Will Young.

They formed in London and have been together now as a band for three years, bass player Ryan Fletcher explains:

“Me and Joel have known each other since we were 15, we went to music college down London together and that’s where we met Andy who also knew Adam, it all just happened from there really.”

Sheffield is Ryans hometown and he’s excited to be playing where he grew up: “This is our first time at Sheffield Arena and it’s my hometown i’m just excited to play, we love coming to Sheffield it’s always a treat.”

Just like many artists out there, Lawson have worked hard to get where they are now- countless pub gigs and school shows the boys share their worst gig experience ever at a pub in Cambridge,  Adam explains:

“We had been going for a year turned up and we didn’t know but we were actually headlining- three people turned up and they were all of Andy’s friends!” 

Lead singer Andy Brown happens to be good friends with Max George from The Wanted and were in the band Avenue together.

Lawson describe themselves as being like the script but without the irish accents- shame the irish accent always goes down a treat!

“Theres so many bands that have names that don’t really mean anything.”

The one question the band are constantly answering- why the name Lawson? Andy talks about his major operation and how he wanted to name the band after his surgeon.

“The name is very special to us, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and things were touch and go for a while, we don’t really talk about it too much.”

They have a very busy couple of months ahead of them, their first video, a radio tour and the release of their first single!

For a free download of ‘Red Sky’ click here

To keep up to speed with the band you can follow them on


Facebook at

and check out their incredible covers via youtube, Firework being a personal favourite!

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  1. Love the interview! I love them!

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