Live Review: The Wanted/Lawson 2012 Tour

Words: Corrina Dalby

Sheffield Motorpoint Arena, February 17

The ladies of Sheffield were treated to not one but two boy bands at the Motorpoint Arena. All pampered and ready to scream until their hearts content – first to woo the adoring crowd were four piece band, Lawson.

The boys were cool, calm and collected – certainly an unexpected surprise, it’s clear to see why they were asked to support The Wanted for the second time around.

They might only be a young band but their songs have a maturity beyond their years. They’re not just four pretty faces – these lads can sing and had a huge turn-out of fans who gave them ear-splitting shrieks of welcome to the Steel City.

Usually, the whole ‘stand there and sing technique’ doesn’t quite work for boy bands, yet they proved how effective it can be, if done properly.

Not only did they sing their own songs, they sang an amazing cover of A-Team – which I actually prefer to the original by Ed Sheeran.

Ending their set with Standing in the Dark, the lads left the stage with an arena full of adoring teenagers who can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for the band.

Having warmed up their vocal chords, the arena was ready to be greeted by main act of the night, boy band The Wanted- who definitely know how to put on a show after driving the women of Sheffield into a frenzy.

Daughters, mothers and grandmothers turned up to watch the five-piece boy band and from the screams, cheers and tears they were not disappointed by one of Britain’s biggest boy bands.

The show doesn’t include complicated dance sequences, no intricate costume changes and surprisingly no backing dancers – but then again they are not your typical boy band.

Keeping true to their cool image the lads work with a very basic staging and are accompanied by a live band which helps give off a more rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

The concert is built around a dull code-breaking narrative played out on a huge video screen, although not my cup of tea the fans seemed to go crazy for it. Probably due to the fighting scenes shown between each song where our heroes are defeating the ‘bad guys.’

With a few special effects such as flashing lights, smoke and flares they looked good, sounded good and seemed to be having a blast interacting with the fans.

Although ‘real’ music fans would probably mock and me included, but credit where its due – The Wanted have produced a few standout pop songs such as All Time Low and Lighting and Lose My Mind – songs that you can’t help but sing-a-long to.

However, for a 90 minute show, there didn’t seem to be enough well known hits from the boys, then again they only have two albums. But luckily for them, having pretty faces and being able to sing means your fans are not going to care.


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