Doin’ it DIY – Pentimento’s Michael Hansen on their first Euro Tour

Pentimento, who have only existed since 2010, are a four-piece emotional punk band from Buffalo, New York. After signing to Panic Records, mere hours after putting their debut EP online, the band have toured themselves into the ground, culminating in their first European tour last month.

We caught up with drummer Michael Hansen after their Sheffield show at The Riverside in February. When talking to the 23 year old, it’s obvious that there’s a genuine sense of appreciation to those who have stuck around to see his band at 11pm on cold Tuesday night.

”We have never been treated so graciously by people before, let alone people that we’d never met and exist on an entirely different part of the world than where we’re from. We’ve all learned a lot, and I personally feel like this tour has changed me for the better.”

Pentimento’s lineup is completed by Jeramiah Pauly, 22, on vocals, Vinnie Caito, 22 on bass and Lance Claypool, 27, on guitar.

The band  has been on the road since Boxing Day 2011, having completed a full US tour, before heading to Europe in early February. There are really no luxuries here, with Pentimento and their tour buddies Light Years squeezing into a single van, hoping that a new face will offer a bed each night.

”The UK seems like a great place to tour. We met a lot of great people who were very supportive, and we’re already looking forward to coming back. There’s a rich culture there for punk music, and the fact that we’re a part of it now blows our mind. Bands like BORDERS who are doing everything they can to pave the way for themselves and create a splash in the UK are really inspiring to us, and we can only hope that the next time we’re able to come through, it’s half as fun and exciting as this time was.”

However, not all has been perfect during their time on these shores, as Hansen reveals.

”This time around got a little messy because we had an incident with our van being broken into, and our GPS being stolen put a damper on our Sheffield date. We all felt horrible about it, and definitely owe it to everyone there to come back and do things properly.”

There’s no letting up for the band, as they hit the studio almost the moment they touch down back in the US, to record their debut full length. Add to this a summer full of dates with bands such as Daytrader (ex Crime in Stereo) and a handful of festival experiences, and it makes for one busy year. Often, such copious amounts of time on the road can affect lives and relationships.

”Yes, there is no question about the fact that being in a full time band requires sacrifice. It affects your job, your family, your bills, your personal life, relationships, money, etc. All of these things can be quite over-bearing at times, but for lack of a better term…It is a labor of love. We’re all lucky to have parents, jobs/bosses, friends, and significant others who are beyond supportive of our dreams.”


Perhaps their greatest asset is their honesty. Pentimento really mean it. They will connect with you, like there’s nobody else in the room. It’s an aspect of his band that Hansen is fiercely proud of.

”I’d like to think you could expect to see us genuinely caring about what we do when we’re put in front of people to play music. We spend countless amounts of time rehearsing, so hopefully the listener can take away something from our shows.”

Regardless of your band’s status, how many kids are at the show or what kind of music you play…give it everything you’ve got. Every. Single. Time.”

On tonight’s evidence, it won’t be long till you see Pentimento gracing much larger stages, in front of much larger audiences.

Check out Pentimento on Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp.

”We’re extremely active on all our social media sites, including Facebook & Twitter, and we’re always real excited when someone drops us a line. Please listen to BORDERS, Light Years, Heartwell, I Can See Mountains, and Young English. Quit school, quit your job, start a punk rock band, and hail Satan!


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