Live: The Jezabels @ The Leadmill

Words by Natalie Wood

The Jezabels played for the first time ever in Sheffield on Friday night and they certainly left the audience wanting more.

Support came from local band Blessa who’s sound certainly got the crowd in the mood for the main act. To say the band looked so young they certainly had the audiences attention and respect throughout their set.

Then The Jezabels took to the stage. Opening with the song Trycolour from their debut album Prisoner the audience began singing along. All through the set the audience were engaged with the band and Hayley Mary’s voice kept everyone entranced.

Each band member made their own mark on the show. Watching Heather’s fingers fly across the keyboard was amazing in its own rights. She also kept the banter up between songs and the whole band laughed it off when someone shouted something typically English which they didn’t understand. The drummer Nick and guitarist Sam kept the beats going throughout and certainly pulled the bands performance together making it outstanding.

The lyrical genius of all the songs was taken to a new level by Hayley Mary’s strong and powerful voice. She brought more and more emotion to each song and Endless Summer showed this. The song showed how perfectly they all work as a band and how nothing can change that. The highlight of the night came when they played the song Long Highway which they revealed at the Sheffield show should have been used on one of the Twilight Saga soundtracks but was deemed “too mature.” The songs haunting lyrics would have fitted perfectly but it doesn’t take anything away from the song or the band.

The Jezabels certainly had a good night and the crowd loved it. As a live band they really are top of their game, they were well loved and received by all ages in the audience and will be for years to come. They even stayed around after the show to sell merchandise and speak to fans. They’re definitely a band who know how to engage with their fans.


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