EP Review: Blue Lip Feel – Glitterbox EP

Words & featured image: Tom Walton

Blue Lip Feel – Glitterbox

Despite being a relatively new Sheffield band, Blue Lip Feel have carved a reputation as one of the city’s most ferocious live acts.

Glitterbox EP is their first effort since finalising the line up last November, when Conor Houston (guitar) and Sam Bywater (drums) completed the four-piece band. Since then, they’ve flourished from ambiguous pop rock to a more refined, albeit raw rock sound.

They’ve sharpened up here though and the title track swings with tricky riffery, glammed up guitar wails and a chorus built to withstand the harshest of crowds. Front man Oliver Tooze’s vocals dictate attention and, allied by spotless harmonies, Blue Lip Feel show they have an eye for penning stellar tunes.

Make You Love This sees the band head out of familiar territory though and while soaring guitars and thumping drums might burn a hole the stratosphere, it does little to set them aside from the usual arena-rock suspects.

The sound remains for Material Bones and while Blue Lip Feel have expanded their back-room rock, the bite is tame, leaving a bottled beast bubbling beneath the surface. This might sound like a major quibble but they compensate by constructing well made songs that haven’t taken half an hour to knock-up – it’s a sound of an already accomplished band.

The game is raised in closer Velvet Cape as blues influences dominate and Tooze rages: “You think you’re first class, we’ll skip to neglect that you’re made,” and Blue Lip Feel have a fire in their belly once again.

This is a band that have the draft of a master plan and, with a little fine tuning, will go very far indeed.


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