Backstage interview with The Milk Live from SOYO

After signing a record deal with Sony last summer, The Milk have earned themselves a growing reputation as one of UK’s most exciting prospects.

Currently touring the UK to promote their new single Broke Up the Family, due for release on April 2nd, I caught up with the boys ahead of their gig at the SOYO.

[To hear the full interview with the Milk, including how they came up with the name the Milk and what festivals they will be at this year click here.]

It’s not every day you interview a top band only to find out you both drink in the same local back home. Knowing the guys were fellow Essex boys I jumped at the chance of an interview, and was pleasantly surprised to find that their ever emerging music career once started in a shed at the back of a garden only a stone’s throw away from my home.

This is not your stereotypical band that pumps out indie track after indie track, they’ve created a completely new image and have burst onto the music scene with a mash up of soul, pop and Motown. For those who haven’t heard the Milk before they describe their sound as;

 “The Milk sounds like if you put Aretha Franklin, the Roots, the Stones and a whole chest full of Motown records, baked it in a pie and served it in a pie house in Essex.”Talking to the boys about how their tour was going and what the strangest venue they had played so far, I was told some important ground rules.

“The rule is don’t play a rave warehouse on a Sunday night.”

This is something I’ll be sure to remember, but was not the only advice given to me by the four-set band. When prompted on how they made it and what advice they would give to people trying to break into a difficult music industry they replied.

“You’ve got to literally give up everything, you can’t have like one foot in and one foot out, you’ve got to really commit everything to it…. There’s too many talented people that want to get a record deal and want to do it full time for you to be part time and part committed.”

Broke up the family is the new single by the Milk and epitomizes the soulful, Motown inspired style that made B-roads such a hit with the critics.

It is now available for pre order on I-tunes and can be found on the official website alongside further tour dates and ticket information.

If you plan on hitting the festival circuit this year then you will be sure to bump into the boys, with T in the Park, Beach Break Live and the Isle of White festival already confirmed there is still a host of gigs still to be announced.

“Basically, if you’re in a tent this year, you’ll probably find the Milk at some point.”

To keep up to speed with the band you can follow them on




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