EP Review: In Arms – Tape 2012

In Arms - Tape 2012 Artwork


If you’re a musician, you very rarely look back to your teenage years of playing in bands with anything other than slight embarrassment. However, that won’t be how these 5 Sheffield lads will remember it in 10 years’ time.

Don’t let their youthful appearance fool you, In Arms are playing and writing songs mature beyond their years. Having established themselves as one of the regions superior hardcore outfits, the band are about to release their debut EP ‘Tape 2012’ exclusively on tape format. Remember those?

A haunting introduction of picked chords and understated guitar work sets the ambient scene for the tape, before second track ‘Unsaid’ sets the benchmark for what’s to come. Here, In Arms have most definitely found their niche. While guitar work isn’t over worked, ‘Unsaid’ feels packed with emotion, with vocalist Ross O’Donnell’s angry vocals helping to make the track truly anthemic.

The band’s Facebook page lists the likes of More Than Life and Landscapes as influences, but they themselves are not far off that mark, and as Tape 2012 continues, ‘Tired Eyes’ showcases guitarists Elliot and Joe’s considerable talents, creating a well thought out slab of hardcore.

After more of their minimal, eerie tranquillity, coupled with a sample of the late Steve Jobs (a combination that strangely seems very apt), it’s on to tape closers Fall Apart and Amber, the latter being one of the bands oldest tracks, but very possibly their best, having become a favourite for crowd participation at their shows.

While hardcore bands are ten a penny in the current climate, In Arms most definitely have the talent, and the style to make it to the forefront of the scene very soon.

Check them out on myspace here, or search In Arms on Facebook.

Feature Photo by Josh Rock Photography


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