Go West To Street Live!

West Street Live opened in  Autumn 2005 as an vibrant new venture from ABD Enterprises.  The tudor-style,   250 capacity venue then blossomed from July 2006 after the arrival of the Ali family,  operating under the promotional name of  ‘ Mentholman. ‘

I interviewed Taz Ali,  club promoter of West Street Live.  When i asked him why people should come to his venue, he  smiled and said:

“I think it’s all about having a good vibe, we try and have the best drink offers available for people as possible as well, as it complents well with good live music.

It’s just trying to build a unique vibe for people, letting them know that there is more than just a typical style of club. It’s on West Street as well which is the main strip of Sheffield, and you can find live bands here. ”

When quizzed on whether the drink prices are radically changed between DJ and gig nights,  the promoter said defiantly:

” No the drink prices have always been the same, whether there is a gig on or just a DJ night. We have got some shots that we do for 1 pound, house spirit mixers, we properly promote that by using flyers, it’s very varied but a lot of the drink prices are between £1-3 pounds. ”

He continued:  ” Now we are in a double-dip recession again, we appreciate times are hard for people out there, so we feel it is our duty to make sure drinks are affordable for our customers. ”

When asked what upcoming bands there is in Sheffield, Taz  pinpointed SoulShark and Carousel Circus as  bands to watch out for.

He said: ” I know quite a lot of heavy metal bands from Sheffield that are pretty good, Soulshark are pretty good they have their own Myspace site where you can listen to all their tracks on there.  ”


He continued:  Although  Carousel Circus aren’t Sheffield based, they  are a band that performed here last Sunday, and they  had the place packed out it was a great atmosphere.   There is so many bands it’s hard to reel them all of from the top of my head as we book new ones nearly every night.”


The promoter described the atmosphere at West Street Live as ‘ welcoming.’

He declared: ” The atmosphere here can be really welcoming at times  especially when it’s a good event, promoted well by me  advertising the gigs online and handing out flyers to the public. ”

He continued:  “People like to see a good band line-up, i find  they appreciate it equally as much as we do, and the vibe can be really lively and electric at times. ”

Taz then painted a picture of   the first sights revellers  see when they walk into the venue.  He said:  ” What we have got here at West Street Live is as soon as you walk in,  there is directly a stage there and you can see the band, and the bar. We hope people   appreciate the bands  equally as much as they do having a drink here. ”

And what future ambitions are  there for West Street Live?

 He confirmed: ” A lot more gigs, to be honest at the moment we are pretty much booked up two  months in advance and have a band playing here every night. We book at least four  bands per day within a weekday, then we book one cover band for the Friday and the Saturday.”

The  promoter then concluded with a  friendly message to people who have yet to come and watch a gig at West Street Live.

He said: ” Come down and at least watch one song, because there is a lot of people that I know who don’t know much about live music, they either don’t really get the vibe or don’t have much patience to watch through all the band.

If you are after watching some good upcoming bands, then West Street Live is the place for you. If people come at weekdays from Sundays to Thursdays then at least see a few bands for yourself, you will have a really good time.

Please come on down and give us a chance, you won’t regret it.”

Words: Daniel Cox.


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