EP Review: Best Friends – Throwing Up


With their quirky brand of indie Surf Pop, Sheffield’s Best Friends have been turning heads with their regular appearances at shows and house parties across the city. The four piece, who formed in March 2011 recently released their second EP, Throwing up on Art is Hard Records.




While self-titled debut EP showed more than a hint of potential, the band’s new release firmly puts them on the map as one of Sheffield’s most exciting bands.

The Beach Boys for 2012 begin with style with opener ‘Wasting Time’, as their trademark catchy low-fi guitar lines drive the songs simple yet effective chord structure. With just a couple of listens, Best Friends somehow have you singing along like you’ve been listening to them for years.

‘Witches’ shows a slightly more aggressive side, as a raw garage vibe, as the overdrive is cranked up and the minor chords are complemented with some call and response vocal work.

However, it’s the catchy ‘Break My Neck’ that steals the show, with melodies that a catchier than the common cold. It’s one of those songs that will instantly make any listener smile, and it’s incredibly refreshing to hear a band clearly having so much fun. Their homemade video for the song in question will tell you everything you need to know about the mind-set of Best Friends.



Title track ‘Throwing Up’ slams on the brakes, as the tempo is slowed and the atmosphere chilled, with haunting vocals and intricate guitar work ensuring that the band are still at their most effective even when mixing things up.

The EP ends in a similar style in which it began, with ‘Golden Mile’ and ‘Bag o’ Bonez’ demonstrating natural song writing ability, that is complemented by the band’s DIY recording style.  It’s alarming, when considering how little time Best Friends have existed, as this EP is truly fantastic. And, with rumoured major label interest on the horizon, it won’t be long till the Sheffield boys will be swapping house party appearances for the something much greater.



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