Interview with Soldier Blue drummer Mark Hindmarsh

Having made live appearances at venues from the Royal Albert Hall to the Boardwalk in a variety of genre-spanning bands, Soldier Blue’s Mark Hindmarsh is possibly one of Sheffield’s most accomplished drummers. He sat down to have a chat with Sounds From The Steel about their upcoming show at The Bowery, their debut EP and more…

Soldier Blue are a band that have been on the Sheffield circuit for a couple of years now. The three piece blues combo may be a group that sit slightly off The Steel City’s mainstream radar, yet they’re built out of some of Sheffield’s finest musicians.

Hindmarsh cuts a genuine figure from beneath a corduroy cap as he speaks from a sofa in his front room about their support slot with New Street Adventure at The Bowery on June 15.

“It’ll be pretty good. It’s a Friday night in town so it should be packed. It’s payday for a lot of people so they should be out in force drinking, and they can watch us! I’ve heard a couple of their [New Street Adventure’s] new songs so it should be pretty good – I saw them in Sheffield supporting my mates band a few years ago and their drummer was wearing a Sheffield United shirt so I have to hate them a bit too.”

Hindmarsh, a staunch Wednesday fan, continues to talk about the future of Soldier Blue and the numerous side projects the members are currently pursuing, including a new football based venture…

It’s a praise…

In 2011 the band released their debut EP, The Best Of 1968-1972, a project that took a couple of months of recording in separate locations as Hindmarsh explains: “We did it all ourselves in various garages, cellars and bedrooms which went pretty well, we were quite pleased with the way it sounded.  It’s going to be difficult to put another one together with us spread over the country but I wouldn’t rule it out.”

The 29 year-old drummer says he’s happy with the standard of recording, especially with the high price of studio production being less enticing as him and David Beaumont (guitar/vocals) both being qualified engineers themselves.

If money wasn’t a problem for an unsigned band, things might be slightly different though…

The EP itself is a concoction of blues, indie and The Beatles and possesses layers of musical intelligence. Fronted by Beaumont and Kirk Little, the duo intertwine riffs and licks like a chemical bond and is a relationship that has previously been dubbed as telepathic.

Hindmarsh backs it with clear-cut kicks that bring out the dynamics of the front two with an unerring brilliance. It comes of years of experience in the City Of Sheffield Brass Band (previously Stocksbridge brass band), The Magdelaine Cays and other projects with members from Sheffield favourites The Spires and Little Man Tate front man, John Windle.

And with countless tours under his belt and no less than three appearances at the Royal Albert Hall, there are few drummers in The Steel City that are more comfortable behind a kit, or better.


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