SOYO Live The Place To Be!

Launched in 2010, SOYO Live continues to support some of the best live music Sheffield has to offer.

The SOYO building stood as a Methodist Church for over a century, before becoming a nightclub venue, that  the Steel City people can be proud of.

Matt Cottrill is  the man behind SOYO Lives’ creation.  He said:  “SOYO Live started somewhat by accident. Previously I’d worked as a graphic designer on the doors of clubs and live nights so basically I knew a lot of bands.  I’d been promoting and running a night called ‘ Fruit Machine Recordings ‘ with friend and DJ Nick Pears.”

That was a monthly DJ night with the occasional live guest, we loved doing that. This lead to the owner of SOYO asking me to arrange the bars launch.  The Monday was always planned as a live night and they gave me free reign to run it as I wanted. The concept of the night was promoting up and coming local bands, DJ’s and importantly, artist.”


Matt went on to speak Live art was an integral part of the night from the start, I wanted SOYO Live to be not just a place to see good bands but also for creatives to meet and collaborate, working together with bands and showcasing what Sheffield does really well. Thus, bringing together my love of music and art!

SOYO Live is regarded as showcasing Steel City bands and touring bands, Matt declared why he thinks SOYO Live is such a good place to come and watch live bands.

“An important aspect of the night for starters is it is always free entry!  a free entry gig means anyone could wander in off the streets and think ‘ I like that band I saw last night.’ As I said, the combination of music, live art and the creative community is important, I think that’s what makes the night different.

Also, we try to constantly improve the night and do themed events and take over nights, so it’s always changing.”

Matt described the atmosphere of SOYO Live as  ‘ fun, eclectic and creative ‘ and the venue’s aroma is a smell of ‘ vintageness and sweat’

SOYO Live’s audience attracts live music fans of all ages, but how cheap are the drink prices?

Matt said: “Drink offers are on throughout the night, we offer a Tiger Bucket which is 4 bottles at £10. However that is only an early door offer between 8 and 10. Shots are £1, Amstel and spirit mixers are £2, Cocktails are £3, Double Vodka Red Bull is £4, Jugs and a Bottle of House Wine are £6 each. ”

Matt stressed he doesn’t have a favourite band that has performed at SOYO Live as there has being that many talented bands.

He stated: “Over nearly three years we’ve had probably over 400 bands play. Every week I enjoy the acts we put on, some are bands I’ve loved for ages, others surprise me but we invite back pretty much every band straight away.  Sheffield has loads of great bands, so many I find it hard to single out any.”


Picture: The Wallbirds live at Soyo March 14th 2012 

Matt confessed all about SOYO Live’s future ambitions. “To keep putting on great gigs, we’re looking forward to our Tramlines special on the Sunday of the festival. Look at continuing our work with other brands, promoters and importantly, see some amazing bands grace our stage. ”

 SOYO Live’ creator concluded with a message to people who have yet to experience a gig at SOYO Live.

” Give it a try, if you like live music, DJ’s and party vibes in a laidback, chilled surrounding, then come say hello!.”

Words: Daniel Cox. (



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