The Viper Rooms Attracts All Ages!

Opened in September last year, nine months on  Viper Rooms is  one of the most popular bars on Carver Street.

Speaking to  The Viper Rooms Assistant manager Graham Hale, he  comes with a wealth of experience, having being assistant manager at a Viper Rooms in Harrogate, before coming to open the bar in Sheffield.

He  explained the amount of bands and type of genre  that goes on at The Viper Rooms. He said: ” On average  we have about four  bands a week, varying from indie to  heavy metal bands, some scarce some reggae, we are very diverse. We do get older people coming in for bands because they enjoy watching them as well.”

Graham stated the cost of drinks in The Viper Rooms is cheap and offers value for money.

He said:  ” Drinks  prices  are very good, standard student prices. The prices stay the same from start to finish all night.  We provide  two for one cocktails before half 11 every night. Also jager bombs are always cheap which students love, so those offers always bring in an early crowd for us. ”

When asked on who is the stand out band that has performed at The Viper Rooms recently, he said:

“Spit and Strings are a band i remember that were very good. they are kind of an acoustic rap band to put it blunty, two  guys in their forties who i think are really good. Also they are a Sheffield band as well.  We have had a couple of other bands from around Rotherham and Chesterfield area, but the bands we have are mainly all from Sheffield. ”

The Viper Rooms is also free entry to get in,  Graham believes that  it not onlyplays a huge factor in crowds, but gives amateur bands a chance to get recognised.

He said: ” The free entry definitely plays a huge factor in us gaining good crowds here. I think it is very hard in Sheffield to charge people to come and watch amateur bands, some people don’t know what they are paying to get. It gives people a chance to see new up coming bands, and also it gives the bands a chance to showcase their talents and promote themselves.”

As for the atmosphere, Graham admitted it depends on the popularity of the bands.

He stressed: ” Obviously some of the bands we have here are performing here for the first time so they struggle,  but then we have headline bands who are really good, renowned for generating an atmosphere here and getting the punters going.”

Graham spoke of the importance of promoting The Viper Rooms  well to the public.

He declared: ” We promote our gigs  online through Facebook, Twitter and our official website. Also   we employ people to hand out flyers around the area. We have flyers in house all the time anyway. We do get quite a good response from the way we promote our nights here at Viper Rooms. ”

Although The Viper Rooms attracts many students, Graham insists people of all ages do come and see the bands.

He explained:  ”  The crowd varies, you can get 50-60 year olds in here as well as 18 year olds. Mods and Rockers come in here, Darren Greyalla is our resident Dj on a Wednesday night, he is a classic modage 40 odd year old who still drives around on a lambretta scooter! all his friends come here to watch bands as well, so the crowds here are very diverse. ”

What events should people look out for at The Viper Rooms?  Graham excitedly said: ” Next week we have The Horror’s  They are playing down at Plug and it’s sold out down there, next Wednesday night we are their official after party, so they will be coming here and doing a guest DJ slot. That is definitely an event for people to watch out for. ”

Graham concluded with a message to people who have yet to watch a gig at The Viper Rooms.

He said:  ”  Come down, it’s free entry anyway so you certainly aren’t going to think you’ve wasted your money paying to get in here. As I’ve said before, we have excellent drink prices, generally a really good atmosphere but if you don’t like it you can walk out without losing any money.”

Words: Daniel Cox


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