Interview with Screaming Maldini as they prepare for the release of new single ‘Life In Glorious Stereo’

Sounds From The Steel were joined in the studio this week by the very talented and eccentric Sheffield band, Screaming Maldini.

Corrina Dalby was lucky enough to interview the guys and hear a special acoustic version of their new single ‘Life In Glorious Stereo’ which will be released 18 June.

Check out what the band had to say about music in Sheffield, which band member annoys them the most and how they chose the peculiar name ‘Screaming Maldini’

These guys are truly talented musicians with a divine passion to create something out of the ordinary, their unique time signature gives their music that edge from other bands out their who fit into the indie pop genre.

The band combine of a five-part vocal harmonies with an endless use of instruments ranging from drums to strings to percussion to a glockenspiel.

They might be a ‘Sheffield band’ but one thing they pride themselves on is their individuality, Singer, Gina Walters explains:

“I think being in Sheffield people do associate you with the Arctic Monkeys and that sort of sound, and that’s all good but it’s been done and I don’t think anyone else is doing what we are doing in Sheffield.”

Click  to hear their new single ‘Life In Glorious Stereo’


The 6-piece band will be performing at this years Tramlines Festival and will be hoping it runs a lot smoother than their last encounter, Lead singer and songwriter Nick Cox jokes about their slot at the Frog and Parrot, naming it their worst gig:

“We had some drunk guy at the front of the stage detuning my guitar – I just wanted to hit him but it was the first time my girlfriend had come to see us”

This year is very exciting for any Screaming Maldini fan, not only is their new single out in June but the long-awaited debut album is to be released in the Autumn.

If the album follows with the same wonderful display of  musical talent  that Life In Glorious Stereo shines,  with stunning, strong and striking vocals,  then we are in for a treat!

To keep up-to-date with the guys you can follow them on:


Twitter: @kookaburrasings

If you want to hear more of Screaming Maldini, below are two songs they performed in the studio- Check them out!

Secret Sounds

Summer Somewhere


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