EP Review: New Street Adventure – Say It Like You Mean It

Unmasked Recordings, Out Now

This London soul outfit are probably one of the most exciting things coming out of London at the moment.

After the release of Just The Kind Of People, which signified a change of direction for the band, they’ve grown in confidence and diversity, reaping the benefits because of it.

Say It Like You Mean It sees the band continue what they started and the smash and grab stomp of Hangin’ On/Hangin’ Up has elements of soul, disco and pop with horn eruptions and swings that could kick any dance floor into action.

On Our Front Doorstep, a response to the London riots, shows the strengths of front man Nick Corbin’s writing, with no leaf left unturned – the melodies, harmonies and arrangements are superb and are signs that it could be New Street Adventure’s time to mix with the big boys.

As Corbin opens: “On our front doorstep, there’s no red white and blue, only pride in easy pickings as the mob are running through, and it’s mirrored in their prizes as they’re sizing up the loot like it counts for nothing,” it’s clear that there are more levels to the modern soul pop they’re penning.

The lyrics are really quite brilliant and Corbin could turn out to be one of the best wordsmiths around: “Still I see no shame in them, just fame for them, nothing but fun and games to them and it don’t feel much better when you can’t see the worst of it, the wound is so much deeper, any bandage likes to share, I guess we still have time to care.”

It’s exciting too – sure it’s plundered from decades of music history but for what is considered a more American field, New Street are markedly British and one of the few young bands pioneering such a distinct sound. They’ve also brought it into the modern era and are distinctly digital – clean, crisp and full of sparkles – the only thing that’s retro here are the suits.

Self indulgence is the only stumbling block for the band and the unfortunate intro to Foolish Once More sees the band fall into a cataclysmic dimension of cheesy cliché. It’s a crying shame as the soul croonery that follows is more heartfelt that the contents of the top 40 combined.

It’s more of the same as the schmooze waltz of Jack ‘n’ Danny rounds off an eclectic EP , tuned into today’s world with an acute intelligence that will see New Street Adventure rise from the unsigned circuit before too long.

Catch them at Sheffield’s Bowery on Friday June 15

Say It Like You Mean it is now available on iTunes


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