Tramlines Vintage Underground mixes vintage and music

Words by Natalie Wood

Sheffield City Hall hosted the aptly named Vintage Underground in its deeply underground Ballroom over the Tramlines weekend. It was certainly a hit with all eras.

When you walked through the doors you could see everything in its vintage glory. There were the lovely fur coats, the 40’s style hats and your old style tea sets that used to be Granny’s best. It was only as you started wondering around the room you could see all the handmade badges, cards and other items made by the local Sheffield guys you’ve probably seen at fairs in the area before.

Local girl Debbie Moon from Moonko was there selling everything from printed tea towels and t-shirts to wooden badges and vintage tea pots. Moonko is a great Sheffield company that showcases some of the best local talents. Debbie told me that she had a selection of items from designers such as Butterscotch & Beesting, Death-By Tea, Ruby Tuesday, Sheffield Girl and her own designs. Sheffielders will probably be lying if they say they haven’t heard of at least one of these great designers.

Another stand out stall belonged to Newcastle based Vintage by Cupcake who were selling gorgeous 50’s style dresses handmade to fit you. The dress they had on show was very kitsch and geeky having a comic style print on the bodice of a black dress. Very nice for all us kids at heart.

Vintage, handmade and recycled garment specialists Jarvis & Janis also had a stall with some gorgeous furs, jewelry and a full fox scarf, in perfect condition I may add.

If vintage clothing wasn’t quite your thing there was a stall with stacks of brooches, earrings, necklaces everything to make your outfit sparkle and to make people jealous.

Tea-Towel by Death By Tea at Moonko

Each stall offered a variety of vintage items and the stall holders definitely know their dinner services from their tea sets.

The Vinyl Cafe was a big hit with vintage shoppers where tea was served in cups with saucers and Afternoon tea was promptly served to the humble ladies that were peckish. Within the Vinyl Cafe local record store LP Record Store were running a vinyl fair and selling an array of records and providing an eclectic mix of music over the speakers.

It was great to see a vintage fair in Sheffield with a great selection of clothes, home wears and music. It’s certainly a change from the Headphone disco that will take over in the Ballroom tonight. A new meaning to the Ballroom maybe?

Thanks to Debbie Moon at Moonko. Go to or Tweet her at @komoonko to find out more about upcoming events and artists.

This Vintage Fair was held by Judys Vintage Fair. Check out for the next fair near you


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