Interview with Soldier Blue drummer Mark Hindmarsh

Having made live appearances at venues from the Royal Albert Hall to the Boardwalk in a variety of genre-spanning bands, Soldier Blue’s Mark Hindmarsh is possibly one of Sheffield’s most accomplished drummers. He sat down to have a chat with Sounds From The Steel about their upcoming show at The Bowery, their debut EP and … Continue reading

Steel Sounds #9

1. Richard Hawley – Leave Your Body Behind You 2. Hey Sholay – Wishbone 3. The Everly Pregnant Brothers – Oyl In’t Royd 4. Nate Gordon – 9 To 5 5. Dead Like Harry – Streets

Steel Sounds #8 – Arctic Monkeys live special

Photograph by Jamie Bubb

Photography credit: Jamie Bubb 1. R U Mine – Mexico City 2. Suck It And See – live on KEXP 3. From The Ritz To The Rubble – Jools Holland 2005 4. Mardy Bum – Glastonbury 2007 5. Fluorescent Adolescent – Jonathan Ross

Steel Sounds #7

1. The Pilots – Ship Is Sinking 2. Skeletons and the Empty Pockets – In The Woods 3. Reverend and The Makers – Bassline 4. The Wallbirds – Lying At The Side Of You 5. David Beaumont – The Moon Redux

Steel Sounds #6 (Sheffield classics special)

Photo credit – Andy Willsher 1. Pulp – Common People 2. Arctic Monkeys – Fake Tales San Francisco 3. The Human League – Don’t You Want Me 4. Babybird – You’re Gorgeous 5. The Long Pigs – She Said

Steel Sounds #5

1. David Beaumont – (Break My Heart) Don’t Make Me Wonder 2. Blue Lip Feel – Velvet Cape 3. Adam Kay – The Maze 4. Renegade Brass Band – Radio Rebelde 5. Delaney – Come Together¬† (alright, so technically they’re based in London but the guitarist is a Sheffield boy so we don’t care!)

Backstage interview with The Milk Live from SOYO

After signing a record deal with Sony last summer, The Milk have earned themselves a growing reputation as one of UK’s most exciting prospects. Currently touring the UK to promote their new single Broke Up the Family, due¬†for release on April 2nd, I caught up with the boys ahead of their gig at the SOYO. … Continue reading

Steel Sounds #4

Featured image by Tom Walton 1.The Violet May – Awake 2. The Clench– Roadhouse 3. Smiling Ivy – Bombscare 4. Cut Your Wings – Darker Shade Of Blue 5. Famous Villains – Spies

Steel Sounds #3

1. Lords Of Flatbush – 999 2. Vegas Child – Photograph 3. The Tivoli – The Messenger 4. Soldier Blue – Scared Of The City Lights 5. The Monicans – Overflow  

Steel Sounds #2

1. Carl Woodford – The Card Sitar 2. Skeletons And The Empty Pockets – Oh Brother! 3. Roaming Sons – Rock n’ Roller (Live at The Plug) 4. Dead Sons – Berlin 5. Black Flowers – Lies